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As well as being trauma trained, our team of dedicated yoga teachers share a common thread – a background in emergency services. 

As current and former emergency services workers, we bring a wealth of experience, strength, and compassion to the practice of trauma-informed yoga.


"It's had a significant impact on my mental and emotional health, I have recently experienced significant trauma due to road collision incidents I have attended at work and have been doing a number of things to improve my mental health. The yoga sessions have really assisted in my recovery and reconnecting with who I am"
“I really enjoy the invitational nature of this program and the permission and choice I am offered to explore my own body in my own way. This makes me feel confident and connects my body and mind so they are more together than being separate or opposite"
“I often experienced a lot of anger and frustration throughout my policing career throughout the final couple of years and it seemed to become a part of me after my career ended. Partaking in this yoga program has been sensational for me because after each session I feel so relaxed, calm and at peace. Nothing else has had this impact on me”
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