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Breathe. Release. Restore.


Our name Frontline Wellness reflects our passion to provide yoga practices to first responders i.e., those in emergency services that are or have served on the frontline of their community. We also believe that yoga can have holistic wellness benefits to everybody, and our mission is to provide accessible, inclusive, beginner friendly and trauma aware yoga classes to our clients, no matter the life role they hold.

Frontline Wellness is located on the Mornington Peninsula and bayside area in Victoria, Australia. 

Whilst our site is under construction, you can check out our socials below or get in touch at

Our Yoga Services:

  • First Responder  

  • Corporate and at work 

  • Event and group 

  • Private lessons


Free First Responder Weekly Yoga Class

Join Hayley at the Frankston Yacht Club each Wednesday morning at 10am for a 60-minute mindful movement and breathwork practice. Click on the booking button below to book your mat.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Our First Responder classes are for current and former first responders and frontline employees in emergency services: Police, AV, FRV, SES, ESTA, PCO, PSO

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